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Stakeholder Consultations

Board Meetings

The Agenda Events takes ordinary meetings and infuses them with innovation. Here, new ideas, new relationships, and new passions can be fostered and ignited.


With nearly 10 years of experience bringing stakeholders together to disseminate and share information and knowledge ("Knowledge Translation"), we are able to provide you with unique concepts, creative and modern designs, and customized formats to produce a meeting that is bound to be impactful.


The Agenda Events can:


  • Chair, facilitate or simply manage your corporate meeting of any size;

  • Provide professional advice and recommendations on meeting design and format;

  • Build customized meeting agendas that work towards your corporate priority(ies);

  • Establish unbiased strategic objectives and outcomes that act as the foundation to your meeting;

  • Assist in identifying target audiences, stakeholders and partners to participate in your meeting;

  • Collaborate with you to identify experts who can provide knowledge, research or evidence at your meeting, to support evidence-informed policy and practice decision-making (as appropriate);

  • Design discussion periods and formats that encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking and deliberative dialogues among all participants;

  • Develop and implement a performance measurement, evaluation framework for the meeting;

  • Support post-meeting commitments and follow-up.

Production Management






Client, Customer, Employee Recognition

Appreciation & Rewards

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When the time comes for you to show your appreciation to your clients, customers or employees, The Agenda Events can deliver. We can design a customized event that leaves everyone feeling good about you, your company and themselves.


The Agenda Events can:


  • Design several unique event scenarios and concepts for you to choose from, based on your needs;

  • Produce and manage an event that works with any budget and size/ type of audience;

  • Identify unique and modern venues to host your event;

  • Source all resources, materials, props, décor, and key details necessary to produce your perfect event;

  • Manage and coordinate all support staff, suppliers and contractors to bring your event together seamlessly;

  • Support the management of invitations and RSVP tracking;

  • Develop and coordinate branded communications, marketing and promotional materials, specific to your event, company and target audience;

  • Coordinate and harmonize photography, hashtags and online communications for your social and multi-media platforms;

  • Identify dynamic speakers or special guests to inform, inspire and ignite your audience;

  • Coordinate giveaways, branded company products and goods for your audience;

  • Support event follow-up and evaluation to determine the impact of your event.

Event Management
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